Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions

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Are you looking for ways to align your thoughts and your actions through a morning practice? If so you’ll love this episode with mother of two, Aneta Ardelian Kuzma, about the power of a morning practice and how it’s helped her transform her life.

Aneta shares her journey of discovering yoga and meditation and how it has helped her become a better mother, wife, and how it’s lead to increased productivity and flow in her work.

She emphasises the beauty of setting an agenda and aligning with ourselves before consuming someone else’s agenda for the day.

We talk about:

  • Setting intentions in the morning and how her morning routine includes reading, meditation, breath work, morning pages, yoga and meditation.
  • Aneta explains the concept of morning pages, a tool for removing creative blocks, and how it helped her write her book.
  • The mindset block and social limitations around self-care and self-love, especially for women.
  • The power of taking small steps towards personal growth and how it can help us overcome limiting beliefs and shift family dynamics.
  • Celebrating small wins and practicing gratitude, and how it can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Aneta is a coach and consultant and the Founder of the Ardelian Kuzma Group, LLC. She says: “My passion is helping my clients create transformational change. A former bank executive, I now work with high- achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to create mindful leadership, increase focus, creativity, and productivity, and deliver wellness programs to organizations helping teams achieve optimal health.”

Aneta am the host of the Live the Width of Your Life podcast, a book author to “Live the Width of Your Life: 365 daily meditations on living with purpose, passion and peace.

Find Aneta online at:

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