The Calm Hypnobirthing Course

Have a calm,
confident birth

If you want to experience a safe, calm and gentle birth, you can’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best, you need to be prepared.

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What is the course?

The Calm Hypnobirthing Course is a comprehensive program that methodically teaches you to peel away the layers of fear and apprehension about giving birth, and empowers you to step into your natural birthing process.

I’m here for you every step of the way, to answer any questions you have as you learn and practice the techniques.

What are the benefits of

Practicing calm hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy is an empowering experience that transforms your fears and tension into confidence and relaxation. Making birth more positive and comfortable for both you and your baby.

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  • Give your baby a positive start to life
  • Feel energized and alert
  • Achieve full body relaxation
  • Speed up the length of your labor
  • Feel well equipped & more confident
  • Ask questions any time

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Claire Yee | Calm Hypnobirthing Coach

I personally can’t wait to support you during one of the most important times in your life.

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What will I learn?

The Calm Hypnobirthing Course is a practical, empowering framework that teaches you how to simply and effectively prepare for an easier birth.

We flow through the framework with the acronym of C.A.L.M.

Layer 1

Clear Away Anxiety

We begin with the foundational understanding of how your birthing muscles are perfectly designed to work in harmony to open and birth your baby.
This knowledge will help to ease nervousness and have you feeling more confident that you’ll be able to work with your body effectively.

  • Core principles of natural birth
  • The natural design of your feminine body
  • What to expect at different stages of birth
  • The effect of birthing hormones
  • Techniques to release fear and anxiety
  • Two guided fear release meditations

Layer 2

Align Your Body

When you understand how your body works and you are no longer afraid of it, you’ll be ready to integrate mindful hypnobirthing techniques specially designed to support your birthing body.

  • Achieve full body relaxation
  • Mindfully breathe with your body
  • Use self relaxation techniques
  • Speed up the length of your labour
  • Relax quickly and deeply
  • Guided relaxation meditation

Layer 3

Leverage Support

Building on your framework, practicing exactly how to work with your birthing body, it is time to get your support people onboard.

When you feel totally supported during birth, you will be free to direct your focus inwards, and follow the lead of your body and your baby, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

  • Confident support from your birth partner
  • How to have a rewarding experience
  • Working together to stay comfortable
  • How your partner can help keep you calm
  • Editable birth plan template
  • Effective questions to ask your medical team

Layer 4

Magnify Your Positive Mindset

Now that you’re feeling educated, prepared and empowered, it is time to put your mind power to work to bring your best birthing experience to reality.

In this layer I teach you how to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, regardless of how your baby enters the world.

  • How you want your birthing day to unfold
  • Strengthen your mind and body connection
  • Anchor your affirmations
  • Practice with guided affirmations audio
  • Visualise your perfect birthing experience
  • Scheduling template to customise your plan

Your Calm Hypnobirthing Coach

Claire Yee | Calm Hypnobirthing Coach

In 2010 Claire trained Hypnobirthing Practitioner through The Hypnobirthing Institute and since then has shared Calm Hypnobirthing techniques with over 1000 expecting couples. She also has a Degree in Education, is an Accredited Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

Hear from other mothers…

Samantha-Jane Harding

“Such an amazing course. I wish I had done it prior to my first child as I am now certain things would have gone better! Claire’s teachings are invaluable & the course is exceptionally well-rounded. I feel so much more prepared for labor & delivery. Highly recommend.”

Claire Wannamaker

“Claire’s course enabled me to be fully present for my birth and be in the drivers seat, making my own decisions about what happened as the birth progressed. It also enabled my partner to be an active participant in the birth.”

Miri Friedman

“This really brought us even closer together as a couple. The tools we learned in Claire’s hypnobirthing course have been1 super useful in every aspect of our lives, birthing our first baby was just the beginning.”

What parents have asked before joining…

If I had a dollar for every woman who told me they are feeling anxious at the beginning I’d have a massive pile.

The thing I love the most about teaching this method is seeing the fear melt away as they transform anxiety into excitement! Then to hear how overjoyed they are as they share their birth stories, and tell me things like “It was the most incredible experience” – nothing beats it.

So, hand on heart, I can confidently say, that this same transformation is available for you too. You are not alone in feeling nervous about what might happen on your birthing day.

I’ve designed this course specifically to support you through this exact transformation from anxiety to excitement, and I’m here to answer any questions you have along the way.

These techniques will benefit you and your baby, regardless of how your baby enters the world. You will discover how to remain calm and in control, even if your birth doesn’t go to plan.

Absolutely! The birthing techniques you will learn can be used no matter where you are when you birth your baby.

You will learn how to get your medical team onboard with your birthing wishes and how to collaborate with them, so that everyone is working from the same page for the most safe and rewarding outcome for you and your baby.

I always welcome you to ask your questions and I’m right here to support you.

Under each video lesson there is a space for you to ask any questions to get the clarification you need.

Alternatively you can email me anytime.

The techniques you will learn in The Calm Hypnobirthing Course give you a clear, easy way to understand how your body is naturally designed to work, and the practical things you can do to effectively work with it for the most positive birth possible.

The main difference is that this course helps you to align body and mind for birthing, but does not cover medical options.

So you may still like to find a local antenatal class in your area, and it’s a great way of meeting other parents who are due around the same time to form a regular support group with.

That’s totally fine – they are not the one who has to birth.

But seriously, as long as they are happy to support you, that is enough.

When there has been no pre-birth preparation, Dads will often say that they felt helpless and just didn’t know what to do.

There is a whole module, including a downloadable cheat sheet – that empowers your birth partner with lots of ways that they can be your number one during birth.

When you practice the recommended techniques together you will become a team with your partner feeling prepared and you feeling supported.

Your key support person need not be your partner or baby’s daddy either. You might choose your best friend, your sister or mother. It is totally up to you. Just intuitively choose someone who you feel totally comfortable with that you know will be there to support you to have the most positive experience possible.

For sure! If this is the case for you, I recommend choosing the online option, unless there is a Birthcare course coming up in the next few days.

The online course gives you immediate access to all of the core lessons in the course. You could easily watch them all in one day.

Once you have watched the course, it is all about the implementation and practice. The more you embrace the techniques by integrating them into your day, the more easily you will be able to apply them to your birth.

If you are due soon I recommend you practice multiple times each day, if you have several months, you might just like to do something every other day and then ramp it up in the last part of your third trimester when you due date gets closer.

You are not alone in your learning, I will be here to answer fully support you and answer any of your questions to help you feel confident in your practice.

You have lifetime access to this course, so there is no time restriction (apart from watching and practicing before your birthing day) This means that if you decide to add a little baby brother or sister to your family further down the track you can come back and refresh yourself with all of the content again at no extra cost. Included in the course is a Refresher Guide that will help you review what worked last time and get you focused on what to practice for your next birth.

When you enroll, you’ll get…

  • Lifetime access to the complete course
  • 50 short video lessons
  • MP3 resources to support practice
  • Downloadable guided meditations
  • Ongoing email and phone support from Claire
  • Access to the course via a free mobile app

Bonus Courses Included…

  • The Baby Sleep Toolbox online workshop
  • Exclusive Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Start The Calm Hypnobirthing Course today

Split Payment

Two payments of $222
Split the payments over 2 months

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Full Payment

One payment of $397
Pay in full and save

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