Embracing Your Journey of Matrescence

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Becoming a mother is a journey that is different for everyone, and Jackie’s story  highlights the importance of proper support and care for new mothers.

Jackie’s journey of healing and self-discovery after being hit by a figurative “Mack truck” led her to create Heart Place Hospital, a multi-dimensional healing, health, and education system.

During this conversation, we talk about women embracing feminine energy, listening to our inner wisdom and taking action, no matter how small, to embrace our unique journey of  without judgment and step into our power as mothers.

In July 2021, Jacqui decided to prioritise her whole being and discontinue burning herself out after 26 years as a NZ Registered Nurse. She also answered her soul’s call to care for the carers. ‘Heart Place Hospital’ is a multidimensional whole-health practice that offers a safe space for carers and empaths to be uplifted and supported with the tools and information they need to function at their best, feeling healed, heart-full, and empowered.

Find Jacqui online at: www.heartplacehospital.org.nz



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