Finding Balance Through Breathwork

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Today on the podcast, we have Christy Chadwick who is an advocate for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.  Her mission as a Teacher of the Deaf and Relational Therapist is to provide quality, evidence based practices while incorporating some of her learned healing arts modalities such as mindfulness, reiki energy, and EFT-tapping.

In this episode Christie  shares her journey of integrating different modalities of healing arts and how she uses them to support parents and families in processing their emotions.

We talk about:

  • Accepting and integrating all aspects of yourself.
  • Self-sabotage and how it can be reframed as a protective mechanism for wounded parts of ourselves.
  • Acceptance, allowing, and being with ourselves in order to process emotions.
  • How breath-work and movement is effective in processing emotions and shifting mental and physical states.
  • The benefits of integrating humming into breathing, which can transform the experience of the exhale and release tension.
  • Christie shares a breathwork technique called the Ego Eradicate Breath, which involves active exhales and passive inhales through the nose and can help release mind chatter and promote a sense of balance and centeredness.
  • Why it’s great to have different healing tools in your toolbox and how to choose the right one for different situations.
  • How vulnerability and openness can lead to deeper connections with others.

She provides stories of inner healing and education about yoga, mindfulness, and natural solutions like essential oils through her podcast, The Inward Motion Podcast.   Christy is a multi-passionate person who believes in compassion and curiosity.  A few of her offerings include a course about the foundations of tapping, essential oil community where ‘tapping into your strengths’ happen monthly, and parent support groups for hearing parents of children with a hearing loss.

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