Put down the mental load!

This meditation guides you to ignite your MotherGlow and transform stress so that you can fall in love with the journey of motherhood again!

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When you practice this meditation you'll be able to...

Let go of mental clutter and create more space and clarity in your mind.
Reduce anxiety and calm your nervous system, to be more present and fulfilled.
Replenish your energy to avoid burnout and cultivate emotional resilience.

"I love, love, love your guided meditations. It's sometimes the only thing I manage to do for myself in the day!"


Hi, I'm Claire Yee and as a mother to two, I understand firsthand the exhaustion and overwhelm that arises when we neglect our own well-being.

When I began practicing meditation daily, I became so much more present and was able to remain a lot more calm and balanced when my children had their big emotions.

This sparked a passion within me to share the knowledge, support, and tools to help you prioritise yourself and shed the weight of mental load, burnout and stress.

Get this free meditation and soak up the richness of the mothering journey.


"It helped me to shift through fears and become in tune with my body."