Overcoming the Pressure of Motherhood and Embracing Self-Care

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If you’ve every felt the heavy weight of the word “should” echoing in your head as a mother, you’ll understand how the pressure to be the perfect parent, to always do the “right” thing for your children can be overwhelming.

In this episode, I chat to Miri Friedman about how we can navigate these all-too-common feelings of “not enoughness” in motherhood. You will hear Miri’s personal journey of learning to let go of external expectations and embracing her own worthiness as a mother.

We also talk about:

  • The art of self-care and its crucial role in a balanced life.
  • How learning to love ourselves and prioritizing our self-care can enhance our sense of  being worthy of love.
  • How compartmentalising self-care into smaller moments throughout our daily routine can help us prioritise our needs, all while being the wonderful mothers, wives, and individuals we are.

Miri is the founder of Women’s Happiness Project, a community of strong, smart, loving and kind women on a journey to up level themselves and the world. Creator of the Elemental Self-Care System™ for stressed-out women who want to feel better in their body and life. And your guide to a life that feels satisfying to YOU.

Find Miri online at: http://womenshappinessproject.com/

A gift to help you deal with all your “shoulds”: http://womenshappinessproject.com/free

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