Release Tiredness and Boost Your Energy – EFT Meditation

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If you are feeling tired and want a quick and easy way to boost your energy this EFT meditation will support you to invigorate your spirit and replenish your energy.

By the end of this EFT sequence, you’ll feef a boost in your energy, with the combination of affirmations, colour frequency and EFT tapping.

As we walk through the tapping points, I’ll guide you on how to breathe deeply and enhance your energy within.

Here are the tapping points if you are not familiar with them:

Together, we’ll go through this EFT tapping meditation, to help you regain focus and energy to fully appreciate and enjoy your journey of motherhood. This isn’t just meditation; it’s a transformational journey that aligns your energy with your true essence.

You’ll be able to more easily tune into your needs, be present in the moment, and celebrate the energy shifts you experience.

EFT Meditation is a powerful form of self-care, tune in, release tiredness and revitalise your energy – enjoy!!

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