Self Compassion & Slowing Down in Motherhood

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Or guest on today’s podcast is Stephanie Bacon, who is an educator, a mother and an authenticity coach. She shares her personal journey of realizing the importance of slowing down and prioritizing her own well-being, which involved hitting a breaking point and making significant changes in her life.

During this podcast, we talk about:

  • How we often raise our children in similar ways to how we were brought up. Slowing down and how it can be difficult to prioritise in a society that values constant productivity.
  • The fear of slowing down and the importance of recognising our own self-worth.
  • Self-compassion and how it helps in the matrescence journey.

Stephanie shares a breathing technique called the Halo Active Breath that can be done on the go, to release tension and judgment and allow you more relaxation.

Stephanie is a passionate and fun-loving human who wants to share the freedom of a life authentically lived with all who are yearning for peace and connection. Her path includes 20+ years as an educator, 18 years of mothering, a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, academic coaching certification, a stint as the teacher’s union president, a divorce (there should be a certification for this), and several drafts of a rewrite on her life. She is currently finishing her PhD by researching the impact of teacher emotional and relational health and authenticity on teacher and student relationships.

As a teacher, she is dedicated to reducing friction (work loads, to-do lists, external demands) for educators, so they allow their unique gifts to be the driver of dynamic and deep learning. Stephanie knows that kids need social and emotional learning in addition to academic growth to take advantage of what this world has to offer them, but that learning starts with adults who are emotionally healthy and relationally skillful. She believes in the power of humans, young and old, to use their creativity to solve our most challenging problems when they are free from the efforts of shape-shifting to meet the expectations of others.

Stephanie works with Karen Caton-Brunnings, professional life and fitness coach, to bring authenticity workshops, content, and coaching to groups and individuals seeking the peace, creativity and satisfaction of authenticity.

You can find her at and @authenticallysteph2023 on Instagram.

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