Take Control of Your Health During Perimenopause

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Perimenopause is a natural phase of hormonal development in a woman’s life, yet it remains a taboo topic that is often overlooked by the medical profession.

In this episode, I talk to who a qualified dietitian with 14 years of clinical experience. She teaches women how to thrive through perimenopause without the prescription drugs, restrictive diets or learning to live with the symptoms.

During this conversation we talk about:

  • The growing awareness of perimenopause and the lack of education and diagnosis from doctors.
  • Description of the physical and mental symptoms of perimenopause, including irregular periods, fatigue, brain fog, and hormonal changes.
  • The parallels with matrescence, which is also a hormonal and brain shift that occurs when we become mothers, and the importance of having language and understanding around these changes that happen in our lives.
  • How hormonal imbalances during teenage years and childbirth can lead to perimenopause symptoms in women in their thirties and forties.
  • The benefits of balancing hormones during perimenopause, including increased energy, libido, weight loss, and improved relationships.
  • Tracking menstrual cycles to understand hormonal fluctuations and adjusting expectations and self-care during different phases of menstrual cycle to optimise productivity and confidence.
  • Educating the next generation, especially daughters, to not repeat the same mistakes and to understand the differences in how women’s bodies work.
  • How the western lifestyle is causing a major hormonal imbalance during perimenopause and how we need to be intentional about reversing it.
  • How mindfulness, yoga, and meditation can bring balance and simplicity to our lives.

Vandghie runs online coaching programs that have helped dozens of women to not only understand perimenopause but empowered them to thrive through this normal reproductive phase.

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