The Beauty of Accepting Support as a Mother

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Today’s podcast is with Lydia Gillman who is a mother and an Empowerment Coach for women who want to step into their full potential & live the lit-up life their souls intended. Lydia is passionate about helping women shine their light, & getting out of their own way to do the amazing work they were put on Earth to do, she also has a podcast called: Stepping into Purpose to get this message out there, that shares stories about people doing exactly that!

Lydia is also passionate about children building a strong sense of self. She is a children’s book author, with picture books and journals helping children build self-love, & a healthy emotional mindset.

During today’s episode we cover:

  • Lydia’s experience with miscarriage and the deep grief that followed. She also discusses her anxiety during her second pregnancy and how it affected her.
  • How Lydia’s  second pregnancy was a healing journey for her and allowed her to let go of her anxiety.
  • The beauty of accepting help and having a support system and the isolation that too many parents feel in today’s world, despite being more connected than ever before.
  • The benefits of living in a village-like community, where elders pass on wisdom and care for babies.
  • How to take time and space for yourself, especially for women who are often taught to play small and not take up space.

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